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      About Us

              湖南中啟制藥有限公司成立于2004年,固定資產2100萬元,占地60畝, 所有的廠房、生產線工程由湖南化工醫藥設計院設計并經專家評審。

              Hunan Zhongqi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, with fixed assets of 21 million RMB and had an area about 39666 square meters . All plants and production lines projects were designed by Hunan Chemical and Pharmaceutical Design Institute and evaluated by experts.The condition of circumference of the factory is as follows design drawings .


             The entrance of the human flow channel and logistics channel in the factory area is located in the south side of the factory area. The bare land is covered with turf without flying dust. The first floor in the south of the factory is the administrative office building, the second floor is the quality inspection and laboratory building, and the company's comprehensive warehouse and chemical warehouse in the north. The total area of the plant area is 34040. The building area is 9429.4, of which tincture workshop 983, raw material drug workshop 3156 (Synthesis workshop II, Synthesis workshop  III, refinement workshop II), comprehensive warehouse 1189, Administrative Office and quality department area is about 1863


             2016年10月,原料藥(二丁酰環磷腺苷鈣、炎琥寧)通過了新版GMP認證情況(證書編號:HN20160171 );


           In November 2006, the Adenosine Cyclic Phosphate of  Pharmaceutical  Raw Materials  Workshop passed  GMP certification(certificate number: H0168); 
           In October 2011,the Adenosine Cyclic Phosphate Pharmaceutical  Workshop Passed the GMP Delay Certification Application Inspection (Delay  Certification number: 湘延2011012). 
          In January 26, 2016, the Adenosine Cyclic Phosphate Pharmaceutical  Workshop Passed  new edition GMP certification (certificate number:  HN20160171). 
          In October 2016, the Pharmaceutical raw materials Workshops (calcium  dibutyryl cyclophosphate adenosine,and Potassium Sodium  Dehydroandrographolide Succinate) Passed new edition GMP  certification(certificate number: HN20170241).

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